Friday, 5 April 2013

Badshah - DD's review

The first half of the movie is below average. The second half is above average. Finally, it's an average movie.
The movie is a routine commercial comedy entertainer. Srinu Vaitla always believes in safe commercial formula with comedy which worked out most of the times. This movie is not an exception. 

Coming to the story part, NTR (Rama Rao) is a mafia don(badshah) and Kajal(Janaki) a philanthropist. How NTR eliminates Sadhu bhai (Kelly dorjee) and his aides and spoils their plans? How he wins the love of Kajal by spoiling Navdeep-Kajal's wedding ? The answers to these questions forms the story.

NTR, as a protagonist acted very well particularly the energy he showed in the songs is commendable. Dialogue delivery is flawless, particularly in one scene where he talks about girls. Kajal looked little old when compared to her earlier films, may be because of her over make-up in the first half. Her 'Banti' dialogue brought some laughs. The real hero of the movie is Brahmanandam. His performance as Padmanabha Simha DCP is excellent. This role is a cake-walk for Brahmi. His performance is the saviour for the film in the second half. He earned more whistles,laughs,claps than anyone else in the movie. Siddharth played a brief but key role in the film. Navdeep, as a bad police did his role well. Kelly dorjee has not much to perform. M S Narayana is OK. Nazar did his bit well. His role reminded me Dookudu's role. Suhasini, Mukesh rishi are OK.Meenakshi Dixit (Badhshah title song) and Nicole ( peru kanakam) sizzled in item numbers. There is a huge star cast in the film. Thanikella Bharani, Rajeev kanakala, chandra mohan, vennela kishore, Ajay, Shafi, Katraju, Pradeep rawat, Ashish vidyarthi, Surekha vani, Sudha and many more.
Production values are good. Many shots are shot in Italy,Bangkok and rich sets.

Some good Scenes:

  • NTR non stop dialogue about girls
  • Brahmanandam's Chatrapathi dialogue with Nazar.
  • Brahmanandam's Press meet after eliminating Victor (Pradeep Rawat) gang
  • Dance perfomances by all female character artistes (Surekha Vani, Sudha etc...) to old NTR songs and NTR imitating Big NTR.

My Rating: 3/5

Last words:

When you mix Dookudu, Ready, Pokiri and many movies( I don't remember) for an hour, the final out come is BADSHAH. Srinu Vaitla, Please change your formula. It may not work all the times.